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All of our bail bonds can be purchased at home by using your credit card. The process is simple, we charge your card(s) for the full bail amount and fee. When the defendant's case is over a...

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What is Early Disposition Court (EDC)?

Early Disposition Court, or EDC, is a court hearing designed to bring criminal cases to resolution with the fewest possible court appearances. The goal is to make the criminal justice system more efficient by providing a quick dispo...

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Our happy clients do things the easy way when they need to get someone out of jail.

*They charge the entire bond and fee on a credit card.
*They stay in the comfort of home.
*They don't travel in the heat or traffic.
*They make 1 phone call to Phoenix Bail Bonds ...

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Phoenix Bail Bonds is your solution to Large Bail Bonds at the Maricopa County Jail. We understand the stress of the situation and the panic that prevents you from thinking clearly when a large bond amount is involved. We can help guide you by providing direction and offering a series of availabl...

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Phoenix Bail Bonds is your best choice for getting your cash bond posted at the Maricopa County Jail. We can handle any size cash bond. In fact, 98% of the bonds we post are done as cash bonds.

Live out-of-state, or don't want to travel?

We can take credit cards, deposits to o...

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During any criminal proceeding there may be many Case Management Conferences. A Case Management Conference (CMC) is a meeting set up between the prosecutor, the attorney for the defendant and the judge. The meeting will focus on the issues of the case, argue moti...

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Guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter. Whether you committed a crime or didn’t do it - bail bonds are provided to any client that can put up the required collateral and pay the fee.

Risk is an important factor to a bondsman when issuing a bond; this is why bail bonds in Phoenix are secured with...

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Preliminary Hearing -

Every defendant charged with a felony has the right to a Preliminary Hearing. A preliminary hearing is held to determine whether the defendant should face trial on the charges alleged in the complaint. At the hearing, the prosecutor presents a magistrate with evidence that...

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3 months ago
I was blessed enough to have a family member cover my bond, however I am grateful for the kind staff at Phoenix Bail Bonds for making information about people who have been arrested so easily accessible. When attempting to clean up my Google search results, they were courteous, prompt and helpful in removing my booking info from their page -- putting me one step closer to restoring my good name! Thank you!
- Anon y
2 months ago
Great website to help get info on family and friends
- Daniel M
6 months ago
professional group of people, wonderful service! if i could i gave them more than 5 star. i would recommended to everyone. THANK YOU!
- Ray M

Bail Bonds Phoenix AZ

We are the original Phoenix Bail Bonds company providing professional release service to the Maricopa County Jail.  Maricopa County is the most populated county in Arizona and home to the Maricopa County Jail.  More bonds are posted at this jail than all the Arizona Jails put together.

Phoenix Bail Bonds specializes in long distance service. We can put your bond together without you having to leave the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a fax, computer, or a phone that can text to validate your purchase. 

We specialize in three areas

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Call us at (602) 267-9057 and allow Phoenix Bail Bonds to take the worry out of posting your bond and getting your friend or loved one out of jail.

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